The sun is the single most important
source of renewable energy.

The sun delivers in one hour across the earth’s surface all the energy we need in a year.

integrated solar technology


BIPVco has assembled a world-class team with experience in crystalline and thin film manufacturing, pre-finished steel roof and wall cladding coatings, and created a premium facility for the production of high quality solar integrated materials.


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BIPVco source best in class materials from across the globe to make a high quality, highly durable product designed to stand the rigours of installation and exposure to the elements on the rooftop.



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Using the latest advances in cell design and manufacturing, BIPVco and its commercial partners have developed a highly efficient module.


BIPVco roof solutions are fully integrated. The PV module is incorporated directly onto the metal or membrane roof.

Cost Effective

BIPVco roofs deliver both environmental and economical benefits over traditional roofing and solar solutions. 

Turn your buildings into powerstations

Our Products

PV Integrated onto Metal Profile 1
PV Integrated on Single Ply Membrane 2

The PV functionality is incorporated directly onto a metal profile in our factory to create a combined PV roof system that can be installed in the same way as a conventional roofing component.


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The PV functionality is incorporated directly onto the membrane in our factory or on site to create a combined PV roof system that can be installed in the same way as a conventional roofing component, or as a retro fit.


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Why BIPVco?

A Simple, Powerful Vision


Our research showed us that the main issue with large industrial, commercial and residential properties is that they consume vast amounts of energy, emit large quantities of CO2, yet produce no energy themselves.

So we set ourselves the challenge: to develop a product that could be built into the building’s fabric using established building materials.

The Solution: To convert the building from a passive energy consuming entity, to one of an active energy generator.

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BIPV (building integrated) BAPV (building applied)
Lightweight Heavy
Aesthetically pleasing Clunky looking
Superior wind resistance Subject to wind lift
Incorporated directly onto roof Requires mounting hardware and roof perforations
Durable Breakable (glass/microcracks)

Thoughts on BIPVco

From Our Partners

We are delighted to be associated with this pioneering manufacturing company that has taken the technology of integrating solar photovoltaic cells onto roofing substrates into a new paradigm. The BIPVco advantages to SABMiller as a property owner were very clear from the outset – to be able to turn our roofs and industrial sites into power producing buildings using elegant, lightweight, efficient and cost effective technology.

Thomas Brewer

Process Engineering Manager at SABMiller


I would recommend BIPVCo as a strategic development partner to any outfit that is looking to demonstrate 3rd generation PV technologies in the built environment at a relevant scale, in order to achieve product accreditation and market entry.

Dr Maarten Wijdekop

Corporate Business Development Manager
at the Centre for Process Innovation


BIPV Ltd are unique in the solar market. They bring innovation and dynamism, quickly adapting to and adopting a range of new technologies that are emerging commercially. These technologies deliver truly cost effective, highly efficient PV in ultra light weight modules which will transform the concept of BIPV.

Dr Gerry Ronan

Head of IP, Swansea University