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Cell Technology

We use industry leading super thin (0.33mm) CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) photovoltaic cells. These cells have the highest efficiencies in the industry and have superior low light performance in comparison to conventional crystalline solar cells. The multi diode system design avoids disproportionate power loss during shading while multiple cell interconnections provide added factor of safety.

The Power Modules

Flextron is the universal multi-purposed ‘peel & stick’ flexible module. It is available in three standard forms; 120, 240 & 360 nominal Watts but also available in intermediate non-standard sizes from 43 to 360 Watts of nominal power rating. 

It is available with junction boxes at the top or at the rear to suit design requirements. Flextron can be integrated onto multiple approved substrates (metals & non-metals) in controlled conditions either in our facilities or at an approved integrator facility.  

The flexible nature of Flextron along with its other attributes of Teflon coated self-cleaning top sheet, superior thermal degradation and light weight makes it truly a universal product with multiple applications.

Metektron is the world’s first solar power module where the solar cells are directly fused to the building fabric in the factory to form the unified power roof / wall component. 

Available in two standard sizes of 120 and 240 nominal Watts. It is also available in non-standard sizes between 43 and 240 nominal Watts with a maximum roof panel length of 6M. Please contact us if your requirement is non-standard.

This integration of the cells onto the metal substrates reduces the amount of material used as the metal acts as both carrier and barrier for the module. The avoidance of the secondary step of mounting the module saves on labour / time.

Metektron has been jointly developed with reputable building substrate and component suppliers and thoroughly tested by third party or durability by accelerated aging in environmental chambers. The roof and the PV warranties will be maintained by this systems approach.


When the modules have to be longer than 6M or when the functionality cannot be integrated at BIPVCo factory an equivalent Metektron module can be built by laminating a stand-alone flexible module to an approved metal roof product.

METEKTRON+ has all the electrical characteristics of Metktron but with a different build process and some additional material since the steel base lo longer forms the barrier function for the electrical module.

The Single ply TPO membrane laminated Power module. This is a large format triple lane module with a mean power output of 360 Watts. The factory integrated POWER MEMBRANE can be installed in the normal way, either by conventional mechanical fixing or be fully adhered without the need for any additional work , ballast or structural framework to anchor the PV functionality to the roof.  

POWERPLY is available with junction boxes at the rear to conceal all electrical work beneath the roof level or on top when it can be trunked externally under suitable flashings (ridge caps / gable trims). The large format is ideally suited to standard single ply membrane sizes and facilitates easy installation while minimising balance of module system costs. The technology is equally suited to low roof slope applications (down to 3 degrees) with it’s superior low / diffused light performance.  

Why BIPVco

We specialise in the manufacture of
Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems
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Our solar modules contain a self-cleaning ETFE (Teflon type) top sheet to deter mildew, dirt or other obstacles.
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Cost Effective
Reduce overall installation costs, save money on your energy bills & get paid for the energy your panels produce.
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Lightweight & Flexible
Our modules are extremely lightweight & flexible which makes them ideal for integrating onto metal & membrane roofing systems.
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Features & Benefits

High efficiency thin film CIGS PV cells / modules

Install higher generating capacity per unit area of available roof.

Lightweight (2-3kg / M²)

Minimal or no impact of main supporting structures.


Generally able to take the form of building envelope and not break / crack.

Superior low-light efficiency compared to Crystalline Silicon

Longer period of generation, hence superior yield per capacity installed.

Multiple diodes & cell interconnections

Avoids disproportionate loss of output when shaded. Built in redundancy for cell connections improves factor or safety by design in the event of cell disconnect.

Textured Teflon type top layer

Superior self-cleaning, minimise glare & enhance light capture & generation.

No degradation at high voltage

Reduced risk of degradation over the years.

Direct contact with building envelope substrate

Avoids damaging micro-climate of substrate & vermin infestation.

Aerodynamic Design

Avoids adverse wind effects & need for ballasting on flat membrane roofs.

Not fragile & integrated into the roof

Vandal & theft resistant.

Can be installed without perforating roof

Eliminates risk of leaks.

Avoids cold bridging when attached to support

Eliminates additional loss of heat & risk of condensation.

Integral roof warranty on approved substrates

Transferable end client warranty.

Lower degradation of power at higher temperatures

Higher yield per unit capacity.

Lower embodied energy / carbon

Faster energy & carbon payback.

Installed at the same time as the roof

Savings on cost of installation & time on-site.

No secondary structure to support modules

Savings on material & cost of installation.

Simple push in cable connection

Easy installation, reduced time on-site.

Pre-fixed to roof in factory conditions

Consistent quality & assured performance warranty.

Holistically integrated

PV & Accessories are discreet. Does not spoil aesthetics of building form. Cables can be built into the roof which avoids the need for cable trays etc. 

To find out how you can implement a fully integrated PV system into your buildings design, get in touch.