The BIPVco Product Range

BIPVco solar integrated roofs use industry leading super thin photovoltaic cells manufactured by Miasole. BIPVco builds the module by layering the bespoke top sheet, diodes, bus bar, the insulating layers and the cells. The functional solar module and the integrated junction box are then fused directly onto a pre-coated metal roof or membrane substrate by BIPVCo’s unique in-house developed process. These components combine to create a PV roof system that can be installed in the same way as a conventional roofing system.

BIPVco uses CIGS technology (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) thin-film solar cells to convert sunlight to energy.  They differ from traditional crystalline based Building Applied Photovoltaic systems (BAPV), which use heavier bulkier solar PV panels, mounted on top of roofs or other spaces after the construction of the building. A few of the advantages of CIGS compared to traditional crystalline technology include:

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  • Less bulky, more flexible and light weight
  • More durable
  • Better shade tolerance
  • Performs better in low light conditions
  • Requires fewer materials and less energy to manufacture
  • Requires very little maintenance.

To download a copy of our company brochure please click here, or to download a white paper on CIGS thin-film technology please click here

Metektron and Flextron

Metal Profile

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The Cells and the junction boxes are fused onto the steel substrate roof at the BIPVco factory so the pre functionalised roof can be installed in one process.


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A stand alone flexible module with a ‘peel and stick’ capability that can be adhered to the approved metal or membrane substrate at the roof / wall manufacturer’s factory under controlled conditions.


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Please click the image below to see the Flextron TUV Rheinland certificate –




Single Ply Membrane




The Cells and the junction boxes are fused onto the TPO membrane substrate roof at the BIPVco factory so the pre-functionalised roof can be installed in one process.


Together with IPS Group, BIPVco have developed this innovative new solar PV panel solution to optimise energy output and offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution for your business 


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