Datasheets – 

Flextron, for standing seam steel and aluminium roofs – FLEXTRON_Datasheet

Metektron, for Colourcoat Urban ® by Tata – BIPVco_metektron_lr

Powerply, for Rubberfuse TPO single-ply membrane – BIPVco_powerply_lr


Plans and Drawings – 

A typical standing seam BIPVco roof layout – Panel Socket & Plug Layout

Flextron module dimensions – DRAW0008


Approved Roof systems – 

Colourcoat Urban ® by Tata

Vieo by Euroclad


Company Brochure – BIPVco Brochure LR


Case Studies – The Active Classroom in Swansea – BIPVco Active Classroom case study


Certification – 

KIWA certificate –  Flextron Module certificate

MCS certificate – Flextron Module MCS certificate


Warranty – Our standard warranty for product and performance – BIPVco Warranty Statement

Terms and Conditions – BIPVco Terms and Conditions