Buildings and Architecture

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is fast becoming the Architects preferred approach for integration of solar PV into the building envelope.  BIPVco understand the challenges from the architectural, construction contracting and thermo-mechanical viewpoints – this is a highly challenging sector for solar module manufacturers.

Offsite and Modular

In tandem with BIPVco manufacturing partners, BIPVco have worked tirelessly to develop bespoke solar roofing solutions for BIPVco clients. Whether the construction approach is volumetric, panelised or a hybrid, the BIPVco solar integrated roof solution provides improved aesthetics, performance and simplicity.

Transportation, Mobility and Custom

Research showed that there are two main issues with conventional solar PV systems for mobile applications. Firstly, traditional crystalline silicon modules are heavy, fragile and very un-aerodynamic (when installed) performance in sun and heat; all of which created problems when installing them onto vehicle roofs and imposed limitations in use. Secondly, the system requires a heavy supporting frame to be installed on the roof by piercing the vehicle shell.

Why BIPVco

We specialise in the manufacture of
Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems
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BIPVco solar modules contain a self-cleaning ETFE (Teflon type) top sheet to deter mildew, dirt or other obstacles.
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Cost Effective
Reduce overall installation costs, save money on your energy bills & get paid for the energy your panels produce.
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Lightweight & Flexible
BIPVco modules are extremely lightweight & flexible which makes them ideal for integrating onto metal & membrane roofing systems.
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