Active Classroom, SPECIFIC IKC/Swansea University

17KW Metektron+ on Colorcoat Urban Roof by Tata Steel.

Active Homes, Neath – POBL Group & Pentan Architects

Metektron+ on Colorcoat Urban Roof by Tata Steel for their social housing scheme.

Active Office, SPECIFIC IKC/Swansea University

28KW Metektron+ on curved Colorcoat Urban Roof by Tata Steel.

53 The Avenue, Residential

4kW Flextron on Colorcoat Urban Roof by Tata Steel.

BIPVco Carport, by Kappion in Newport

3.2KW Flextron on Polycarbonate Roof.

Diageo Building, Edinburgh

Metektron+ on Kalzip Roof.

Drum Lewis, Scotland – Residential

2.4KW Metektron+ on Colorcoat Urban Rood by Tata Steel.

EFP Carport, Dubai, UAE

Flextron on ACP Roof.

Evendons School, Wokingham.

Powerply on Rubberfuse TPO membrane by IPS group. The system size 10 kWP.

Kitchener Barracks, Chatham in Kent

Residential scheme using Metektron+ on Catnic SS2.

Portakabin Office, York

3KW retrofit Metektron+ on steel carrier planks.

Red Barn Lane, Shrewsbury

Metektron+ on Catnic SS2.

Zero House, Toronto Canada